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The year is 2017. The place is Earth. Earth and its inhabitants have a long history of blood shed. The military of each power goes through sever training for some of the best soilders any realm could possibly ask for. Weapons and technology in which some realms couldn't even dream of existing. The Place Is LA. Lightning strikes increasing hail storming down on a particular sunny day in the summer. This is a weird anomaly. People dazed and confused. Down in Grand park a event was occurring. A Large structure appear. this structure seemed to be a giant open portal of such. built in what it looks like nice marble and finely crafted.  standing 40 ft tall and 40 ft wide. People gather around.  After just a brief moment what sounded like galloping coming from the portal. came threw horsemen with spears running threw slaughtering every civilian in their path. several thousand troops invaded. including flying wyvens and goblins. Of all of 5 Minutes the military got involved and quickly obliterated the obsolete and primitive force. 1009 people died and a memorial was placed near the gate. 

    3 Months have passed. A city was built in this new world called Ethron. this city which is now called argate. several places in earth had to be quarantine. The pyramids of GIZA. And a few Myan temples. Humans started developing super natural abilities. not all but very few. this is what was called magic. Several banks where rob. But like any change places and people adapt.  Donald trump called for peaceful negations  in nearby towns and failure isn't a option. 


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